Visitor management

Keep your workplace safe with Visiter. See exactly who is visiting your business, when and why. By using Visiter, you don’t have to spend time finding staff when guests arrive, manually writing name tags and taking signatures on visiting times.

Self-service kiosk

Guests can register at the self-service kiosk with an email address or an ID card, after which a name tag will be automatically printed for them, Wi-Fi passwords will be provided if desired, and they will be directed to the correct meeting room.

Overview of quests

The host to whom the visitors arrived will, if desired, receive a notification as a text message or e-mail. The corresponding web environment provides an overview of your company’s guests at any given time.

Advantages and options


Visiter is compatible with various access systems.

Cloud service

The software can be used both as a cloud service and as an on-premise solution.


Visitors are registered before entering the premises, so only authorized access is guaranteed.

User friendly

Visiter is user-friendly and has a logical user interface that is quick and intuitive to learn.
As guest registration becomes faster and easier than before, secretaries, office managers and all other team members save time.


We offer the possibility to integrate Visiter with already installed or implemented systems, such as access systems, control of turnstiles or elevators, parking registration, guest WIFI management, etc.


Necessary information about visitors is saved. You can get an overview of the number of visitors, the hosts of the visitors and more.

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