Our work

We provide software solutions to many organisations in Europe. Our clients are public sector entities and successful companies who are operating in different sectors like wholesales, manufacturing industry, telecommunication, etc. Hereby we would like to introduce some of our accomplishments.

Fully automated store

We were involved of creating first fully automated store in Estonia based on Aiotex concept to create a fully automated store. The shop has an innovative self-service system, which allows the customers to successfully complete the purchase themselves. To enter, customer needs to identify themselves with Smart-ID, mobile-ID or mTasku, other people cannot enter the store during one visit. The customer can register the purchased goods at the self-service counter and pay with by card. In case of problems and questions, the shop also provides virtual assistant.

We can build and/or modify your e-commerce & self-service solutions to the maximum, contact us.

Stair24 web platform and ERP integration

Aru Grupp was looking at modern e-commerce solution, where users could configure stairs, see how product looks, how much it costs and ultimately buy the stairs online. The goal for the web platform was to make client life simple and the process of ordering, producing and delivering smooth.

We can build and/or modify your e-commerce solution to the maximum, contact us.

Scorestorybook and Inforegister

ScoreStorybook is a development based on Estonia’s first search and information web platform, Inforegister. We took these two systems, used Inforegister databases and placed an API between them, to be able to generate stories about Estonian companies and entrepreneurs. All reports are logically structured and coming from public databases and the web.

Screen management solution

Tallinna Kaubamaja and Selver asked us central management solution for over 300 Samsung screens. Idea was to provide central content management on information, checkout and scales area screens. We prepared monitoring software for the central administration, enabling screen status management, which is running on Navori content management software.

RoomBooking solution

RoomBooking is an integrated solution for conference room management. It provides real-time overview, shows all upcoming bookings and excludes double booking possibilities. Each user can view, make or change bookings easily behind the computer, from the mobile phone or next to meeting room touchscreen.

Simplify and upgrade your conference room management with our RoomBooking solution, contact us for consultation.

Visitor management system

We created visitor management system, which enables simple and secure registration of visitors, through a self-service kiosk or through the administrator desk. Recipients have access to registration environment, which is reducing administrative operations.

Simplify your business administrative operations, by managing your visitors with our efficient system, contact us for consultation.

Time tracking solution

We developed time tracking solution, which saves time when managing employees working hours. With this software solution, we eliminated the manual work what was done before, to keeping track of the working time.

We can help upgrading your business processes with great time tracking solution, contact us for consultation.