Stair24 web platform and ERP integration

Aru Grupp was looking at modern e-commerce solution, where users could configure stairs, see how product looks, how much it costs and ultimately buy the stairs online. The goal for the web platform was to make client life simple and the process of ordering, producing and delivering smooth.

In Aru Grupp’s online stores case, we found that the most suitable solution was to build the web platform from the scratch, and make manually the integration with Monitor ERP System, in order to keep all existing processes in place. Using roughly 700 parameters, Monitor EPR System supported us in the integration part, and we built the online store – including UI, programming, systems integration and consultations, on the hardware side.

Take a look at Stair24 web platform solution and visit their website.

These are the benefits, what web platform development and integration with Monitor ERP system, gives:

  • For the client, give opportunity to select stairs with visual options, let them choose the measurements, materials and other features. Then let know the cost, after that client orders and receives delivery time and order confirmation.
  • For the sales agent, ensure simple selling and ordering process, then make sure that all parameters and details are collected and that the deadline and cost are in place.
  • For the production unit, make sure that they have all parameters of the orders in place, so they are able to produce and deliver all the stairs on time and with accurately planned cost.

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