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Are you looking for a way to simplify your business or looking for IT development to increase sales? Our qualified specialists, immense knowledge and tools will find the best solution for that.

We provide full service starting by analysing customer and system needs, finding suitable system design and integration opportunities. We are strong and competent in software development and system integration (software’s, databases, devices etc.). All our services, including maintenance and support, are based on customer needs and comfort.


Usually an IT project starts with an initial analysis process, where we take into consideration aspects about customers’ business and their system. Some analyses can be done within hours; some will need more time and thorough approach – all that depends on the scope of the project.

Business & system analysis steps:

  • We start with system analysis, where we are looking closely into the customers’ business model and processes.
  • In business system analysis, we are finding out how the current system works and affects different processes. During that, we are taking care of architecture, modules, interfaces, and data in the system.
  • We conduct analysis of the requirements for software development or integration project.
  • We determine the needs and conditions for the new or improved software or integration.
  • In the end, we put together a document with collected information: explanations, diagrams and process schemes pointing out the development possibilities and further requirements
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IT project system design focus is to increase efficiency, profitability and offer simple user management. As each customer and system is different, each approach bases on customer system specifications to get the aimed results.

After getting the necessary information from system & business analysis, evaluating customer system capability and project aim, we can proceed with the design of the system. In design, we use a consistent top-down or bottom-up approach and create a well-functioning and consistent system. In design, we focus on system architecture, logic and data flows, as well as user needs.

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Software development

We provide software development service to enhance existing or creating completely new systems. We are thrilled to create new software from scratch or integrations using standard or tailor-made software development methods.

After setting up the project scope, we are able to define the customers’ system requirements to start the development process. As our skilled specialists can find all necessary data from the systems, while our customers can deal with other important business matters. We offer professional services and keep our promises, which makes cooperation smooth and efficient.

During development, we provide project management and clear communication, programming, documenting, testing and further improvements. We also help our clients to implement new systems by trainings and support.

As each project is different, and we like to take new challenges, we are always open to widening our skills and methods. Here is a short summary of technologies and tools which we use daily:

Technologies: C#, Python, PHP, JavaScript, Node.js React Native, Microsoft SQL, SQLite, Sybase, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle Database

Tools: Jira, Bitbucket, Visual Studio

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System integration

System integration is creating value in multiple business areas. All companies can relate that having visibility in real time, increasing efficiency through simplified processes and having satisfied employees, who value improved tools, will all together improve efficiency. In addition, integration helps to lover costs and decreases security risks, as all processes are handled through one platform automatically, without human interaction.

We offer software-to-software and hardware-to-software integrations. Where possible, we use high-level methods and where needed low-level or deep integration, in order to help our clients to achieve their goals.

We help to create valuable integrations between different systems and software like Web-Shops, ERP systems, APS, Production Planning, Sensors (IOT), machines in production and different off-the-shelf and custom-made business software.

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Development adoption

We provide development adoption by taking over projects, which has been started by other providers. Although these projects are rather complicated and take more time, they are inevitable and necessary for our customers. Our team has taken over and successfully delivered results in different development projects, even without standard documentation.

If you are using product, service or software, which is outdated, lacking functionality or does not exceed your business expectations, then contact us for consultation.

In these projects, we are working together with previous developers who provide us beneficial overview of the project, share the achieved goals and potential pitfalls. This gives us advantage and allows us to create the documentation and set up development best practices while reverse engineering the unfinished product.

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Maintenance and support

We provide system trainings and support, which are important to customer to get to know the solution background and work through all questions, in order to start to use new solution properly and efficiently.

If you are using product, service or software, and need consultation, maintenance or support, don’t hesitate and contact us today.

In addition, we offer consultation, hosting, maintenance, upgrading and monitoring services to keep all systems up and running. Systems can be located in our provided cloud or in the customer's infrastructure. We offer maintenance and support services depending on customer needs and comfort.

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