Scorestorybook and Inforegister

ScoreStorybook is a development based on Estonia’s first search and information web platform, Inforegister. We took these two systems, used Inforegister databases and placed an API between them, to be able to generate stories about Estonian companies and entrepreneurs. All reports are logically structured and coming from public databases and the web.

In addition, we created data management & we had opportunity, which allows loading data from different sources; it helps processing data and creates storage options. To simplify user experience and security, X-tee interfaces were added to make ID-card and mobile-ID authentication possible.

We had opportunity to work with Inforegister before with system development and API integration. That gave us knowledge and preparation to complete ScoreStorybook and Inforegister project successfully.

Take a look Scorestorybook solution and use their search engine from their website.